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We have put a lot of time and effort into Growing this guild over the years, and can’t wait to share what we have in store. We know you're going to love it. This site is full of helpful tooltips and guides. From hypertext to lightboxes; it's all just a click away. Feel free to click (click and hold for mobile) on the many Icons throughout the pages. You can click on the Scrolling Icon on the Left Side of the Screen (Desktop/Computer version) at any time to return to the top of the page (Link at bottom for Mobile version). Come back to see what might be new. If you have any questions or special requests, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Don't forget to check us out from your Computer for a more immersive experience.


Guild GP: 226M             Average GP: 4.5M

39 GLs (Including 1 Jabba)

We're an active guild with a long-time core group of players.

What we're Looking For:

1. Prefer 5M+ GP, but always open to possibilities. Nothing is set in stone.

2. Prefer, at least, 2 GLs. Again, nothing is set in stone.

3. Participation in 'Joined' Guild Events

Our focus Goal is to continually reach new heights. More and more Wat/KAM shards every time. Growing ever closer to Finally completing the cPit. 

Will You Be The Next Rebellious Rebel?


Our Story

As told by DarkLordNick

About 7 years ago, a group of us joined Rebellious Rebels under the leadership of a former player.

After about 2 years, we all received some bad news; our leader was taking a break, a break that became permanent. He told us he couldn't bring himself to disband the guild, because we were like family.

After about 6 months, inactivity being leaderless started taking its toll. The officers all came together and decided we needed to try to contact the game developers to see if we could change leadership.

Since then, we've developed into a truly amazing group of people. Some have left; many have returned; most have stayed. We help each other. We have fun.

This is: Our Story.

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